Topic: how will i get rid of Strinify_keys! ?

i have two forms 1) ledger 2)user
in which i have the relation is HABTM. my basic flow is one user has many ledger and ledgers is of many users
ledger is my daily page which will change on every new date..
ledger has three attributes id  , user_id and amount . my basic job is to update the amount atrribute of user table through the amount attribute of the ledger table .i am able to update the user amount attribute  but not able to save the attributes of ledger table to ledger .
please help .!!!!!!!

here is my ledger View
<h2 align="right"><%= %></h2>
<h1><u>Listing Users</h1></u>
<td><%form_tag ({:controller=>"ledger",:action=>"create",:group_id => @group},{:method => :post}) do %></td>
List of Members Belonging to the group: <strong><u><%= @group.group_name %></strong></u>
<tr><% for @user in @users %>
<td><strong><%= @user.user_name %></strong>
<td><%= hidden_field "#{}", :user_id, :value => "#{}" %></td> 
<td>Amount:<%= text_field "#{}",:amount %></td>
<td>Date:<%= calendar_date_select_tag("ledger" ,></td><br/>
<% end %>
<tr><td><%= submit_tag "ADD"  %></td></tr>
<%end %>


def create
     #@ledger =[:ledger])
     @users =@group.users
     @users.each do |user|
       if params["#{}"] [:amount]
          @ledger.user_id = params["#{}"][:user_id].to_i
                  @user = User.find(user)
                  @user.totalamount = @user.totalamount + params["#{}"][:amount].to_i
          # @ledger.amount = params["#{}"][:amount].to_i
          #user.amount = params["#{}"][:amount].to_i

        flash[:notice] = 'Amount was successfully Added.'
        redirect_to :controller=>"users",:action=>"index",:id=>@users

thank you
cheers !