Topic: awesome_print by default

Anyone know how I can get awesome_print ( to auto-require when I launch the console?

I tried putting "require 'ap' in the ./scripts/console but that did not work.

If I require 'ap' manually it works.


Re: awesome_print by default

try creating (or editing existing) .irbrc file in your home directory
and put the require there … nsole-tips

Re: awesome_print by default

on my macbook the file did not exist but /etc/irbrc did
I had trouble getting it to load in script/console

ended up doing
cp /etc/irbrc ~/.irbrc
and then adding the require to the new file

hopefully that will help?

Re: awesome_print by default

Thanks.  That was helpful but it still didn't solve my problem. I still have to manually require 'ap' before I can use it.

Here is my ~/.irbc file:

require 'rubygems'
require 'ap'
require 'wirble'


# Log to STDOUT if in Rails
if ENV.include?('RAILS_ENV') && !Object.const_defined?('RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER')
    require 'logger'

Any suggestions?