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I'm thinking about developing a car dealership application in rails.  Lets say the name is CARS.COM.  Dealers will signup for an account and their dealership would be hosted at CARS.COM/DEALERNAME.

If the dealer wanted visitors to go to DEALERSWEBSITE.COM to look at their inventory instead of CARS.COM/DEALERNAME, is this possible?

The site visitors would see DEALERWEBSITE.COM in the URL address, but they'd really be interacting with CARS.COM/DEALERNAME.



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To see the in the url would be tricky. One could set it up as a 301 redirect, so they will see the correct content. Another option is to have the use javascript to populate the page with, however that wouldnt be good for SEO. Even better than using javascript would actually be using curl on the serverside of to do the get request. There's probably a better and more technical solution that I am not aware of.

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My approach would be to treat your website as an administration facility where dealers can keep their inventory up to date; change prices etc. and then offer authenticated xml or json feeds of the cars belonging to the dealer.

This would mean that you wouldn't have to worry about the front-end design other than for the administration section.