Topic: mongrol time out error

I am doing importing using faster cvs and i am importing a large file with 182000 rows so after like 5000 rows i get this error. this is in production.

Mongrel::TimeoutError (Mongrel timed out this thread: max processors):
  app/models/employee.rb:532:in `do_import'
  fastercsv (1.5.0) lib/faster_csv.rb:1521:in `each'
  fastercsv (1.5.0) lib/faster_csv.rb:1024:in `foreach'
  fastercsv (1.5.0) lib/faster_csv.rb:1198:in `open'
  fastercsv (1.5.0) lib/faster_csv.rb:1023:in `foreach'
  app/models/employee.rb:437:in `do_import'
  app/controllers/settings_employee_controller.rb:390:in `import_func'