Topic: custom Values for a checkbox ?

Ok so ryan and crew have helped me with the object creation,, many thankyous

now I have a checkbox again.. But this time how do I pass a hash to it ?

<%= check_box(:entry, :poooo_title, options = {}, checked_value = {:action => 'list'}, unchecked_value = "037284u8") %><br />

All I get from the :action => list is actionlist when I want something like :fish => 'foo' to be passed..

Re: custom Values for a checkbox ?

I don't undestand why you'd want a hash as a checkbox value.  If you want a string representation of a hash you should just say...

<%= check_box(:entry, :poooo_title, options = {}, checked_value = ":action => 'list'", unchecked_value = "037284u8") %><br />

Re: custom Values for a checkbox ?

cause i'm trying to send it a param to send to a controller to search in so I need to have it display the value on screen so I know it is sending the value else where, so I need it to have a custom value that is not text ..

Cause EVERY time I go into irb to test some nice value object test and try and input what works there into erb I am in sucks vile not getting an output

What do I put in options = {} ??