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I have been working with rails now for roughly 18 weeks.

The Problem: I did not learn Ruby first, instead jumped into rails with practically no programming background. Now it is starting to catch up to me and I am trying to go back and learn the language by itself.

I was wondering if anyone has any idea where to find good beginner exercises for dealing with learning Ruby. I know of but their code is a little more advanced then what I'm looking for.

I am learning from Programming Ruby, 2nd Edition as well as many resources on the web. The book is good and all but I'm looking to write the code and not just read about it. Practical examples and exercises would be ideal.

If anyone has any ideas/thoughts/suggestions I'd appreciate it.

- Ben

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Hello RailsRhino,

You can try


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I recently learned of why's (poignant) guide to ruby:

Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby

Smashing magazine recently had a biography of the author that turned me on to the guide: 

_Why: A Tale Of A Post-Modern Genius

They describe the guide:

"The Poignant Guide is completely different than what one might expect from a programming language book. It’s less of a technical guide and more of a stream-of-consciousness humor novel, full of cartoons, that happens to teach you how to write Ruby programs."

I haven't completely read it yet.  But, at first glance, it is must reading for me, also a noob.

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Another thing you could do is fire up the console and just play!

cd /yourappdir
ruby script/console

Then just start playing with your rails App interactively on the command line, a great way to figure out basic ruby syntax and stuff.

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Re: Ruby Exercises for Noobs

Nice.... thanks for the links those look like what I was looking for.

And yeah IRB is a must I've definitely spent some time on IRB and written a few small programs I was just looking to find some exercises out there to test a bunch of areas.


- Ben

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You can check this sites while you are at it wink … .html#more

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For anyone out there that wants to know.... definitely read why's poignant guide to ruby. There is a link earlier in this post to the book. It's free, and will definitely be an amazing resource for beginners. It gives you great perspective.

Also, _why also has 'hackety hack' which is a program to help beginners learn ruby.

If you're brand new to programming and want to learn ruby, research Why and his work!

- Ben