Topic: flash cleared, or not cleared, it depends...

I have a login page and a sign-up page. I noticed that if I type the wrong username/password when I try to login, then I choose the sign-up link, my "Login unsuccessful" message shows up on the sign-up page, which is not what I wanted.

I wrote this integration test:

  def test_login_unsuccessful_message_should_not_appear
    post '/', :user => { :username => 'no user', :password => 'incorrect' }
    assert_response :success
    assert_equal "Login unsuccessful", flash[:message], %Q[No 'login unsuccessful' message means this test doesn't make sense.]
    get '/users/signup'
    assert_response :success
    assert_equal nil, flash[:message], %Q[Unexpected message at 'sign up' page.]

This test passed, which surprised me, because it doesn't match what I see in the browser. Then I wrote this controller test:
  def test_login_unsuccessful_then_signup
    post :login, :user => { :username => "definitely wrong", :password => "even wronger" }
    assert_equal "Login unsuccessful", flash[:message]
    get :signup
    assert_equal nil, flash[:message], %Q[No need to display a message here.]
    assert_no_match /Login unsuccessful/, @response.body

This test fails, but only after I check for the string "Login unsuccessful" in the response body. Here is how I learned that, in spite of the fact that the test claims there is no :message in the flash, my view thinks there is, and so displays the message.

Now I know why the defect is there: my login action doesn't redirect after populating the flash with the failure message, so when I click on the sign-up link, the flash isn't reset; but why do neither of these tests reflect this? Why do both tests insist the flash doesn't have a :message, when it clearly does?

If it helps, I'm displaying the message with an ApplicationHelper:

module ApplicationHelper
  def flash_if_message
    if flash[:message]
      %{  <br />
          <div class="messages">

I wouldn't think that would matter, but it might. Also, I'm using WEBrick, in case this is some kind of caching issue. (How would I know?) On that note, clearing the browser cache didn't change the behavior, and of course, when I change the login action to redirect, the feature behaves the way I expect.

Any thoughts? This seems so simple. What am I missing?

Re: flash cleared, or not cleared, it depends...

I'm guessing this is a bug in how integration tests handle the flash message. I don't know the inner workings of it so it's hard to say what's the problem.

As for the solution, if you don't want to redirect after setting the flash, use instead:[:message] = "foo"

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