Topic: Help: Rails instances shutting down - to little RAM?

I have 5 Rails instances (5 different applications) running on the same Virtual Private Server (VPS). Once in a while (~1 time a week), one of them goes down and needs to be restarted (restarts without issues).

I suspect it might be a RAM issue. I have 256 MB in my VPS right now, and currently 192 MB is used.

Do you think it's RAM, or is it something else that could cause this behavior?


Re: Help: Rails instances shutting down - to little RAM?

I don't really know the answer to your question. But I know where you might find it.

This youtube video discusses memory problems in ruby, and explains how much memory a rails app takes and so on. You may get some ideas of how much memory your apps are taking up by watching this video. It's a google tech talk by the guys at Phusion.

You can also read their blog post about rails performance. They have another one as well, but you can find that on your own if you want to read it.

Also, posted this about the "poor performance" of rails. The Phusion blog post in the link above is a rebuddle to this post.

Not sure if this will do it, but I think it should give you a really good idea of the performance of your rails apps and then you should be more educated on the subject. Hopefully then you'll be able to understand what the problem is.

Hope that helps!

- Ben