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Hi there,

I am currently working with 'ym4r' to create my google maps on my site. The plugin/gem works fine and creates the markers and map functionality I require.

I have however run into a hurdle; i want to be able to hide and show the map div when a link is clicked (the link is actually an image).

I have tried using 'display:none;' and then un-hiding the map div. This works to the extent that the div is shown, however the javascript is messing with the map js and I lose functionality of the google map.

Does anyone know a solution to this issue?

I would also like to use some kind of loading sign for the user too. Some of the maps contain a fair bit of data and take a while to load so i would like to be able to display some kind of waiting image (ie a spinner).

Grateful for your help.

Re: Show/Hide Gmap (ym

A little bit off the topic, but I am looking for a map solution right now. ym4r looks like it isnt activly maintanined anymore. Is it the best solution for map implementations these days? Thanks in advance for hints. :-)