Topic: Rails 3 CentOS 5 Deployment (Bundler Issues)

Has anyone done this successfully?  Bundle blows up in a couple different ways, depending on the user account I'm under.  Either a seg fault or 'unable to allocate memory' errors.  Has anyone any experience with this particular deploy?

Re: Rails 3 CentOS 5 Deployment (Bundler Issues)

Hum, could you be more precise please ? What is crashing, when, on which machine, and what is the error message ?

Re: Rails 3 CentOS 5 Deployment (Bundler Issues)

I think I may have figured it out.  It's a virtual server at a web space provider.  Looking that the machine through top it's configured with 500MB of RAM and seemingly no swap file.  Bundler takes about 375MB of RAM on my desktop while downloading from the gem source.  When the server available memory hits 0 things go kapow.   I'm going to have the sys admin upgrade the setup and see if a little more breathing room fixes the problem.  I'll post a note.

Thank you!

Re: Rails 3 CentOS 5 Deployment (Bundler Issues)

It turned out that Bundler was running out of memory.  The machine is very restricted as far as RAM with no swap file. Packaging the gems and then installing as below got around it:

bundle package (local)
bundle install --path vendor/bundle --local (server)

Now I have to solve:
uninitialized constant Bundler