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I've recently been bombarded with quite a bit of Flex2 propaganda.  Would someone be willing to lay it out for me?

I'm developing a record keeping system for a specific teaching methodology.  It will run on a LAN in a secure environment.  I'm talking calendar functions, class organization and management, and administrative functions.  Some well-intentioned associates have been pushing Flex2 on me to produce this.  I'm concerned they (users, not programmers) have been wowed by some 'flashy' (pun intended) Flex apps with their amazing charting capabilities.

Is it really worth my time to learn Flex when I can code something that is definitely viable with Rails, just to add a little 'flash'iness?  Can someone here convince me to move to Flex?  Or better yet ... not to?  smile  I'm looking for some excellent arguments that are pro-Rails.



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Don't use a technology for the sake of technology. It never leads to anything good.

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I've not used Flex, but from looking into it, I decided that I wouldn't use it unless I absolutely had to.  It's going to be a new way of thinking, and you're going to have to solve old problems in a new way.  I don't see flex becoming a prominent framework, meaning it will be hard to find help, and hard to maintain in the future.  Flex is really cool, but I think Ajax kind of trumped it. 

If they need flashy, and they have enough time and money to throw at this, the go for Flex.

If they need something quick, cheap, and with a fair amount of flashiness from Rails' javascript libraries (Prototype, and Scriptaculous), then Rails would be a good fit.

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Something else to take into consideration is whether you prefer an open source solution or a proprietary solution. I for one tend to lean towards FLOSS, which is a biggie in my book for Rails.

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Flex is not a replacement for Rails. But Flex and Rails do have a lot in common. Together they have so much potential. Flex covering the front-end while rails deals with the backend.

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