Topic: Providing rails app to shared Apache (FTP only)

I try to make a rails skeleton app work on my domain's web space (Hosteurope WebPack M 3.0). That web pack offers ruby (versions 1.8.7 & 1.9.0, installed in /usr/bin/ruby & /usr/bin/ruby1.9) but not rails. Now I think it should be possible with freezing rails and dependencies to the project’s vendor directory to run the rails application on this Apache 2.2 server. I only have access via FTP. First of all: Can that be done without being able to put anything rails-specific into httpd.conf?
Basically I followed the steps provided here. I can create .htaccess files via FTP but it seems they are disobeyed by the server. What I have done is I have registered .fcgi (together with the already present .cgi .pl .py .sh .rb) as recognizable script extensions for every folder using the configuration web interface.
I am aware of the mod_rewrite directives in .htaccess have to be activated to make the rails app work but is there any way for me to know for sure before I upgrade my WebPack M to L (which has full .htaccess features) my rails app will work then? The hoster says mod_rewrite is availabe then. Is FastCGI (mod_fcgid) always available on today’s Apache? Nevertheless, it should work with only (the slower) CGI, right? Shebang lines in both  dispatch.cgi and dispatch.fcgi have been adapted to directly reflect ruby's directory on the server (#!/usr/bin/ruby).
What I am getting now when I browse my domain is the rails sample app page (“Welcome aboard”) but when I click the “About your application’s environment” link I get error 404 (not found). This is working well on my local machine using WEBRick. On the server no log entry is produced in rails_app/log/development.log or any other log files in this directory, all I get is an error line in the Apache error log file that says “File does not exist: /is/htdocs/XXX/www/app_rails/public/rails, referer:“. I think this is due to the attempted access to /is/htdocs/XXX/www/app_rails/public/rails/info/properties which should be dynamic content generated by the about() function and the Ajax.Updater. Weird that log files (app_rails/log) aren't updated. :-( I assume server restrictions prohibt this even though I have set permission rights 775 via FTP.

Any help is greatly appreciated..

Re: Providing rails app to shared Apache (FTP only)

Meanwhile I got a few steps further. Now I am facing the exact error tracked in the Redmine ticket database:

Defect #4610: undefined method `env_table' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError) with rev 3335

There seems to be no solution yet. Since I do not use Redmine I think this problem is not directly connected to Redmine, but rather to rails / active_support itself.

I strictly have to use CGI for dispatching (no FastCGI available on the web server, as well as no other modules installations are allowed). If anybody has news on how the described issue can be resolved please post.