Topic: App not writing to development.log

I got my rails app to work locally on my machine through WEBrick. I moved my files to our server. The server is configured to run Apache with FastCGI. I can access my site with no problems from the server. The only issue is that nothing is being written to my development.log in my rails folder (i.e. application/log/development.log file).

The error_log and access_log files in apache's log folder are being written to. However, development.log and fastcgi.crash.log files in my application folder's log folder are not being written to. Is there some flag that can turn these off? Or where should I look to get an idea of where the mistake could be? I define a ErrorLog in my httpd.conf to my application/log/server.log. That file is being written to. So I don't think this is a permissions issue.

Thanks for any help!

Here's my httpd.conf
    DocumentRoot /rails/dashboard/public
    ErrorLog /rails/dashboard/log/server.log
        RewriteEngine On
<Directory /rails/dashboard/public>
    AllowOverride all
    Options Indexes ExecCGI +FollowSymlinks
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

Re: App not writing to development.log

Check the permissions on the log folder.  Set it to the most liberal permissions possible at first:

chmod 777 log

Re: App not writing to development.log

Thanks Danger. But the log folder has 777 permissions. The log files have 666.

Is there any other way that I'm doing this wrong? Also, I have a server.log file which does get written to. So its puzzling me.


Re: App not writing to development.log

Can you start webrick on the remote server?  Even a shared host will usually allow you to run your own server on port 3000 (or whatever's open) for a couple of minutes.  If webrick can write to the log files - then it's an Apache or Lighttpd config issue.

Re: App not writing to development.log

Works with WEBrick. Didn't think of trying that. But the log is written to when I access the app through WEBrick.

Re: App not writing to development.log

I got it working. I made changes in my htaccess file. But never restarted Apache for the changes to take effect. Didn't restart it after changing permissions on the files/directories (although I'm not sure a restart is needed for that). Anyways, had our IT guy restart the server, and things are working much better now.

Thanks for your help!