Topic: Capybara - ElementNotFound

I have an existing (green) test suite with about 150ish features. I built the whole thing using webrat, and now I'd like to switch to Capybara.

I just script/generated cucumber --capybara and let it rewrite my cucumber.rb, env.rb, paths.rb, and web_steps.rb files and then copied anything I needed to back into the appropriate files.

I figure the default_selector needs to be :css but I have tried with both css and xpath.

I have a scenario outline which fills a form out a couple times and pushes

Re: Capybara - ElementNotFound

I just did a migration to Rails 3 and made the switch to capybara along with it. One major thing I notice is that it is much more sensitive about the cases of your element names. I found myself using the

Then show me the page

step alot. Using that right before the failing step really helped me to find the fields I was having problems with.

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