Topic: Help with JQuery Autocomplete with Rails3


I'm having difficulty setting up JQuery Autocomplete with Rails3. I don't get any errors, it just behaves like regular text box.

Here is what I have done:

First I installed autocomplete as explained here: … ete#readme

I have a model class which contains the model which will be in the lookup:

class NdbFoodDesController < ApplicationController
  autocomplete :ndb_no, :long_desc

  ... some other functions

Then I added the function in the routes file:

resources :ndb_food_des do
    get :autocomplete_ndb_no_long_desc, :on => :collection

Then in the view form I have added these lines:

<% f.fields_for :ingredients_recipes do |rif| %>
  <% javascript_include_tag "autocomplete-rails.js" %>  
    <input type="text" autocomplete="/ndb_food_des/autocomplete_ndb_no_long_desc" id_element="#ndb_no">
    <%= rif.autocomplete_field :long_desc, autocomplete_ndb_no_long_desc_ndb_food_des_path %>
<% end %>

Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Re: Help with JQuery Autocomplete with Rails3

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