Topic: uninitialized constant UsersController::AuthenticatedSystem

I'm a novice and perhaps my questione has a fairly note answer.
I'm learning rails (Rails 3.0.1) and traying Restful Authentication plug-in the following routing error appears

uninitialized constant UsersController::AuthenticatedSystem

All seems OK in lib directory (lib of my application) and the plugin appears properly installed. Perhaps I'm committing a typical novice mistake, or no?

Thak's for your patience!

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Re: uninitialized constant UsersController::AuthenticatedSystem

Ok, I found what appears to be a solution here:

Now, my Japanese sucks big time, but this is what I understand, and what worked for me:

In your config/initializers directory create a file 'custom_requires.rb'
In this file put the following line:
require 'authenticated_system.rb'

Restart your server.

Hope it helps.

Re: uninitialized constant UsersController::AuthenticatedSystem

thx its helps me in rails 3.2.1

Re: uninitialized constant UsersController::AuthenticatedSystem

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