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Hi all , I need to set up Rails as a sub-domain to another rails application.Not sure how to get started.Please help me on this.  I am using rails 2.3.5,phusion passenegr,godaddy virtual dedicated server (Fedora 7).  I have a rails application already running, Now my client wants act as the test environment for him.I did create a subdomain using godaddy .And my httpd.conf looks like this.  <VirtualHost *:80>      ServerName

Re: Deployment rails app as a subdomain

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Re: Deployment rails app as a subdomain

I have no experience with godaddy but you should set up your app for a subdomain in exactly the same way as you would set it up for a top level domain which basically involves telling the web server how to find the public folder for your test app.
Presumably you have symlinked the public_html folder on the top level domain to the public folder of your deployed application.

Basically you just do exactly the same thing duplicating any steps that you had to take for the first setup.

the fact that it's a subdomain should be irrelevant as far as deployment and application setup is concerned.

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