Topic: Why is e-texteditor better than NetBeans?

I have been using Netbeans and generally have no complaints. I keep hearing people rave about Textmate and mentioning that e-texteditor is the textmate of windows because it supports bundles.

I have two questions:

1. What can a bundle do (any bundle) that netbeans cannot?

2. What can e-texteditor do better than netbeans which would make me want to switch?

I know people are going to say "stick with what works for you" and you should use ____ other editor. That's fine, but I really just want to know what the big deal is about bundles and what can they do. I have never used textmate and searching google I can't find anything that tells me about some feature implemented in a bundle that I don't already have. Also, this is not meant to start a flame war. I realize Netbeans is a "heavy" editor and respect people who use other things. I just want to know why bundles are so great relative to my current editor.

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Re: Why is e-texteditor better than NetBeans?

E is actually great, give it a go. I make a habit of swapping editors at least once a year and I have very fond memories of e. Granted this is not a very informative post...