Topic: seek recommendations on how to collaborate w. others on my Rails app


I'm a newbie developer with a Rails app that's nearing production.

I look forward to hiring help with the following items:

1) improve the look of my app, e.g., with css styling
2) ensure that my app's look is supported cross-browser.

These desideratum are just for starters: long-term, I can imagine seeking to hire out other view details, viz., client-side behavior.

Can anyone recommend what my preliminary steps should be? For example, I write my view templates with erb. What should I expect to need to do to offer my views to a designer to work on, and, then, how would I expect to integrate their work back into my app? I'm a bit lost here, bc, of course, I see my view templates as erb.html files. I know that I can take whatever .html files a designer returns to me, but how do I 'compile' my erb files into pure html for them to work with?



Re: seek recommendations on how to collaborate w. others on my Rails app

It would  help if the designer is somewhat versed in programming, and would be even tastier if they knew some rails. However, it shouldn't be that hard for them to be able to code up the front end with the already existing code. I mean, they don't need to have to write code in ruby/rails to be able to add classes and ids to elements and implement the corresponding style.

Maybe ask if you can have 15 minutes of a designer's time to go over the app and see how they feel about implementing the front end to it. Walk them through the code, show them the erb files (and explain, "look this just generates this html" [then proceed to show them the source of the outputted code in the browser, it'll all be HTML and they should understand it] ).

If it's not working out, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe designers should become at least familiar with the layout of a web framework app, and understand some code. I for one, like to do both front end HTML and CSS styling, as well as backend programming (currently with rails). I keep up with all of that. I also like to develop my front end with jQuery. Right now I currently work as a front end developer in Chicago but I'm constantly developing my personal projects in rails, whether it be for school (i'm a student) or fun. It pays to know both (but it's a hell of a lot of work to keep up with learning all the latest and greatest HTML, CSS and their corresponding front end techniques as well as keeping up with Rails and other backend programming)!

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