Topic: first time deploying (railsplayground)

I have my application finished and it works great on my comp. I set up an account on Now what? Their guides are outdated.

Basically, I don't understand what I'm supposed to do instead of 'rails s'. I need to be able to handle many users.

It seems like it should be simple to get it up and running online, if it works perfectly on my comp.
I don't know where to start...

Thank you ahead of time.

Re: first time deploying (railsplayground)

I think I'm ready to answer my own question.

When your ready to deploy, its time to leave 'rails s' behind (WEBrick). I am using Phusion Passenger. It was incredibly easy to use on I inserted two lines of code and voila!

PP replaces WEBrick. It can also handle multiple users, which is a must. There are other technologies, but I'm not familiar with them. Something I'm still not sure about is how PP works? With WEBrick I had to start it up. With PP I didn't. Anyway...

The next leap I had to make was the database. Under the database.yml file, you specify your new database under 'production'.

I'll add more later if I think its useful

Re: first time deploying (railsplayground)

If you ever get stuck RailsPlayground have an online 24/7 chat with highly skilled Rails dudes manning the room. It's always worth popping in and asking them.

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