Topic: Themes or Customized Layouts by Users

I was wondering if anyone had some advice for a good way to implement a sort of "Theme" or "Custom Layout" ability or approach for users of a web application can use.  The problems I see I could encounter is the ability to store their custom CSS styles and possible images that will help them define their profile to their liking.  I also believe I would not want to give them access via FTP either.

Any advice or comments are appreciated.

Thanks in advanced!

Re: Themes or Customized Layouts by Users

One possible solution would be for your css to be rails-generated.  You could then tightly define what they can modify, and store their preferences in the database.  Going along those lines, it would also be almost trivial to have a real-time preview by using ajax as they changed the various attributes in their browser. - Brewery and Brewpub management powered by RoR