Topic: Consequences of file uploads

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I've been using the file column plugin with one of my apps to allow a user to upload an image. I'm using some of the validations that come with it to check content type, image size(kb Mb etc)and so forth. What I didn't know is that when a user uploads a file, it's stored in a tmp directory before being validated.

Is this considered good practice? Is this how file upload generally works? What if a bunch of users decide to upload really large files...think gigs. Would this screw things up in the back end? I'm sorry for dumping a newbie question like this in here...been messing around with rails for a few months and am pretty much new to programming. Thanks for any insights or input.
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Re: Consequences of file uploads

Well, if they did upload gigs, you'd rather have it in on disk than in memory, right?  smile 
That is actually a pretty good question.  If the files are big enough to fill up the filesystem, the write should fail, the upload aborted and the file deleted.  It would be an interesting test to see if that would happen in reality.  If this did happen, there could be a small chance that other applications on the system would then have trouble writing to files at the same time.  If the files would be rather large, but not fill up the filesystem, and fail validation, then I don't see any problems. - Brewery and Brewpub management powered by RoR