Topic: Ajax Memory/size limits?

Hey all,

Just working on an implementation for something at work. I have a jquery lightbox that loads the response data from an ajax get request to a php file. The php file standalone and all its resources is around 400kb. When i load it into the lightbox on this particular page, it adds up to about 600kb. The php file on its own works fine, everything loads. On the ajax version, i am missing several images. On the php file, these images are created via php. The ones that arent loading are used via click events. So if i have image:
1.png on load, and then i click on the appropriate div, jquery changes it to 1_r.png. However 1_r.png has not loaded.

Any suggestions?

Re: Ajax Memory/size limits?


The issue is happening on the php file as well.

Re: Ajax Memory/size limits?

Just as an FYI, this was occurring because I was using absolute paths as supposed to relative. I switched to just using absolute paths in the CSS for these images, and used relative in the php code that generates them.