Topic: Jedit + plugin console + RVM

Hi there,

In my long journey trying to find a comfortable IDE for Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu, I found this tutorial to set up jedit :

It looks fine for the moment but I have one slight problem with the console plugin : it can't find RVM. Consequently it can't find any rails version and I can't run any ruby scripts or rake commands. RVM works properly in a usual terminal of course.

rvm -v doesn't work (unknown) but anything else like firefox -v does. So I guess the console plugin simply doesn't load RVM when it starts.

Could anyone help me fix this ?

Re: Jedit + plugin console + RVM

From the lack of replies I assume no one really has an answer so may I suggest that you ask in the JEdit forums. You may have more success there
I Use Ubuntu and netbeans which works really well for me.

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