Topic: Facebook clone in RoR ?

Hey there,

   As strange as it may seem, I did not find any good facebook clone using RoR. I mean practicaly any descent site has at least:

1. A registration process (Ok..that's easily done with Devise)
2. A user attaching his picture (I did that myself with paperclip)
3. A user having a description page
4. A user wanting to post a Post and comments
5. A user contacting and messaging another user
6. An admin panel


maybe it's time for someone to build a real facebook clone in RoR ! and show how powerfull Rails is.
I have been disapointed from solutions so far, and nothing in rails 3 has come out yet.
Any suggestions ? smile

Re: Facebook clone in RoR ?

The closest I have found is Community Engine, I dont believe it is R3 but you should check out I have used base code to create a modified community...

Re: Facebook clone in RoR ?

If you are lookig for a community site run on rails.. isn't it twitter?

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