Topic: Non-asyncronous AJAX? PLEASE HELP

Hey Guys

I'm attempting to improve my website with a bit of ajax for a simple 'show more' link to replace a table with a slightly longer one. I've currently got:

#part of index.haml

%div{:id => 'toprate'}
  %h2 Highest rated words:
      %td.head Word
      %td.head Definition
      %td.head Average<br/>rating
    - @toprate[0..2].each do |w|
        %td= w.word
        %td{:width => 250}= w.definition
        %td= w.average_rating
  = link_to

Re: Non-asyncronous AJAX? PLEASE HELP

I've replaced a few of my .js files (rails.js and prototype.js) after discovering errors being thrown with them in my firebug console. This worked, but now I'm getting a generic 304 (not modified) error. Which leaves me at a bit of a dead end.