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I'm newbie in RoR.

I read many tutorials and examples, but all of examples contains 1 bases wtih 2 or 3 tables with 2 or 4 columns.

Also, I ask me : RoR can manage a big base with 25 tables and 750 database fields ?? It's possible or it's very too difficult ??

thx for your answer

sorry for my english, i'm french :-)

Re: rails for everything ?

It doesn't matter, it's up to you:
- to implement the needed business logic
- to tune performances issues

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Re: rails for everything ?

Here's my experience. I'm working on a growing web application that currently counts ten tables with an average number of fields between eight ant ten.
I had not found any issue until now regarding the database, the active record and the core RoR libraries.
The main issues were almost always related to how make other gem work correctly with RoR3 or the awkward unix environment that my provider gave me.

Hope it helps.

Re: rails for everything ?

I think I take old good paper to plan my base before db:migrate smile

Thanks for your precious answers !

Re: rails for everything ?

If we make a little stat, 25 tables with 750 db fields means 30 fields per table.
It's not a problem with rails.

25 tables is not a problem with rails.
Nothing is really a problem with rails.

The most important (it's true for every language / framework you'll use) is:

* how do you think your traffic will be
* does your application need to be responsive on one single request or does it need to handle a lot of connections?

Rails slowing is due to:

* databases issues (wrong index, queries who ****** index => likes '% ... %', OR operator etc...
* design errors
* implementation errors (like doing a .uniq or a .sort on a 100.000 cells array instead of asking database to do it)

Ruby and Rails allow you to do some complex stuff easily, without knowing SQL, Javascript etc... But this will be the same in all other languages / frameworks. You can have the fastest language, fastest database engine, best database model, the more your application handles requests, the more you need to know about web application / database / code optimizations.

This said, rails is slower than Java or C. If you need a "real-time" application, rails is not the best choice. On the other hand, if you just need a framework / language to write good code fast, rails is perfect for this. Need to know if you're ready to handle application growing by rewriting code to handle it.


PS: je viens de tilter que tu étais francais. Si t'as du mal a comprendre mon anglais pourrave, je peux traduire, ce sera avec plaisir ^^

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