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Quick background: a couple of years ago I got frustrated at some of the work flow software my company had purchased and reacted by: learning rails 2.0 and building a simple web app that met our needs.  The project was more of a hack job than anything else.

I am in the process repeating this process but this time the number of users will increase to 50 to 100 instead of the 10 to 50 (that was the first app I built).  I am encountering some resistance from management to go through and begin work on app because they are concerned about scaling.  The app will be internal but will now have to deal with 20 to 50 simultaneous connections at a time, some of the technical folks who will be using the system and being sharply critical of my choice to go with Rails (they are java guys). 

Can anyone point to resources that will help me make my case?  This time around I want to go with rails 3 (which I know has perf improvements over rails ).  I have dug around on google, but any help from the forum would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


Re: Scaling Rails


I don't think is there will be any problem, but can you explain me, how you have deployed it?

I suggest you to use Passenger and nginx for deployment.

Rahul Chaudhari