Topic: Ec2 vs VPS vs Shared hosting ? What's your experience ?

Ok so we're in 2011 already! I'm about to finish one of my project using Rails 3 (which is awesome by the way). It's now time to think about deployment.

I read a lot about EC2 but can't get a grip of how much it's really going to cost me.
So my question is the following. What's your experience on deployment recently ? Are you using EC2 vs VPS vs others (like buying your own server) ? how much should one expect to pay ?

Please share your experience.

Thanks smile

Re: Ec2 vs VPS vs Shared hosting ? What's your experience ?

I use a very small vps slice (256 mb) so it only costs $20 US but that is because I presently have and expect a very small amount of traffic.  How much you need and how much it costs will depend on the traffic and response requirements.  If you expect hundreds or thousands of hits per minute you need to spend a bit of money.  Some back of the envelope modeling might help you size what you need.  With a vps you can commonly quickly expand if you find you are getting popular.  I know nothing about ec2 and would not like to tackle my own hardware and comm setup unless I had an established market developed.  With a vps if things do not work out I can say goodbye and I am done with it.

Re: Ec2 vs VPS vs Shared hosting ? What's your experience ?

ok cool VPS slice.. I will look into it. Did you have to do the setup yourself? any trouble getting gems ? Can you respond pretty fast to an increase load of visit? Frankly I have no clue how my site will go when I finish. But I think small is good at least to start.
Thanks for sharing by the way.

Re: Ec2 vs VPS vs Shared hosting ? What's your experience ?

The one I got from slicehost was set up as Ubuntu server 10.4.  There were other options but that was what I had on a small server at home I used for testing so I just installed the apps and gems I needed and it worked fine.
I just did:

apt-get install mysql-client mysql-server ruby-full build-essential rubygems apache2 libapache2-mod-passenger libmysqlclient15-dev

gem install rake rails mysql

and in a couple of minutes I was ready to go. I probably didn't have to install the rails gem as I freeze rails and all the gems into my app to avoid any problems on what versions are installed.

Good luck and have fun.

Re: Ec2 vs VPS vs Shared hosting ? What's your experience ?

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