Topic: E-commerce Plugin Issue

I am developing a site where users can sign up for a subscription.  The merchant services company I am using for payment uses the following plugin for building out the payment gateway:

I am not looking for anyone to do my work for me, but would appreciate some guidance on where to start to understand it.  All it says for usage is:

response = 'publisher-name' => publisher_name ).
      'card-number' => '4111111111111111',
      'card-name' => 'cardtest',
      'card-amount' => '1',
      'card-exp' => '01/10')
  puts "Your order ID is: " + response['orderID']

But where does this go?  This can not be ALL there is to the plugin, is it?  What about the data table?  Controller? 

Any guidance you can give me would be appreciated.  Thanks. 


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Re: E-commerce Plugin Issue

What do you need more ? Its just a simple payment plugin as you allready said. That will be method you call when the customer clicked the "Pay now" button ...

The shopping cart / subscription / checkout process you have to build by yourself.

Maybe this screencast will get you up an running to get the idea what has to be done arround a payment plugin: … e-merchant