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My history is short really, I've been a Java Programmer for the last 6 years now, I'm even certified, and even though I could easily continue in this path for many more years, I've grown tired of it, I don't like doing it anymore, and seeing that the best programmers in this country are dedicated to do freelance jobs using RoR, I decided to follow their example. (They say one should do what the successful people are doing, right?)

These guys usually quit their jobs and just went for it, I'm convinced I can do the same... So, I'm writing this post because I want to have your opinion, because even though I'm certain that this is what I want to do, I know I'll probably gonna starve myself for some months before I can really pull this off !

So, what do you think? I'm mainly aiming myself to work at Odesk. What is the best advice you can give me about it? I really want to make it happen.
If there's someone here who has or is working at ODesk, it'd be really nice to hear from you. well, I don't even know what exactly to ask here, I guess I just want/need to know what I'm getting myself into....

Thanks for taking your time to read my post.

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Re: I want to become a freelancer

You should not start freelance in rails if you never used it in production.
Compare between 6 years ago (when you started with Java) and now. You must have gain a really great skill.
I think that, even if you know lot of web development, you should practice rails aside your current work and wait a little before going in freelance.

Maybe the "best programmers" have practiced RoR in their work or in open source projects before being freelancers?
Rails is not "that easy". You can do some nice things really fast, but, like every language / frameworks, there's good practices you can only acquire with experience. Deploying is not deploying php apps, even with passenger. Scaling RoR is not easy.

I say that without knowing you dude. If you think you can handle jobs in rails, do it, all I have to say is good luck smile

Re: I want to become a freelancer

I don't know how to balance my desire for becoming a RoR freelancer and Not having experience in RoR. This becomes into quite a pickle actually...
because, Like I said, there are like 2 companies that do RoR stuff around here, and they rarely have openings.

But I really wanna do this !

So, what else can I do? like to acquire the "required" experience ?

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Re: I want to become a freelancer

You can work on little projects, for yourself (training) or customers, but with keeping your Java job, only to earn some money.
You can join an open source project.
You can still apply to the 2 RoR companies and "harass" them a little. Suggesting an under-rated salary against training can be a good compromise for a company. Don't tell you wanna be a freelancer of course xD!

Otherwise, you can still create a product you can sell as a webservice. You can do it nightly and keep your current job until it generates enough money. If it fails, you'll still have a production experience smile.


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