Topic: Help me take the plunge!

Hi rails-folks

I'm a seasoned PHP developer who have had a secret crush on RoR for quite some time, but i'm not entirely sure if i should ditch my old girl for the younger model.

I basically have some concerns about the whole deployment process. I have a theory its mostly based on lack of knowledge. Thing is that when i deploy something in PHP i usually take a DB backup, backup existing source and then upload new source and update DB if any changes.

Migrations certainly makes managing the DB alot easier, but i'm just not sure how to tackle problems should they exist.

I guess what i'm looking for is stories from some of you experienced developers who could tell me how you usually deploy.. You use stuff like capistrano, or do you just find the best available FTP client and upload the stuff and run migrations?

Could you try to describe your typical deployment from development -> testing -> production ?

Best regards