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Hello All -           This is my first post into this forum and somewhat of a newbto RoR so I'm hoping someone can help.  I currently have a RoR app thatruns on Ubuntu with Apache with Passenger and Mysql. There is an issues I'm havingand its causing me to bang my head against the wall. I'm not quite sure if it's a RoR, Apache, or MySQL issue but any help is greatly appreciated.  For all of our development, we have been running theapp via port 80 and all has worked fine.  Now I need to implement SSL soI got a certificate from a CA and installed it without any problems.However when I bring up the application in a browser, the applicationdoesn't seem like it connects to MySQL.  The page loads and I see thesecurity lock but the menue (which is derived from MySQL) doesn't load.I have successfully made sure that the rails app can connect to MySQLvia command line by running ActiveRecord::Base.connection via theconsole and it connects using the mysql socket.  The MySQL is running onthe same server as the app so no outside connection is needed. If Ichange my VHost in Apache back to port 80, everything runs correctly and itconnects to the db. I've looked into the logs for the app and noticethat even though I connect using https:// the app logs show http:.  Iknow SSL is working correctly in Apache because I can put up a plainjane webiste using SSL and it comes up but when using this appconnecting to MySQL and https I get errors like

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Do you have the ext for openssl installed for Ruby?

Go to the folder in which you compiled Ruby from. In there should be a directory called ext.

cd ext/openssl
ruby extconf.rb
make install

This should enable openssl support for Ruby.

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After troubleshooting this to no end, it WAS the flex client that needed to be changed to allow https. Even though the browser was requesting https, the flex client still was using http.   This is the reg exp that was added to the swf that helped with the solution.  I hope this helps someone else at.

const reUrl:RegExp = /(http|https):\/\/(([^:]+)(:([^@]+))?@)?([^:\/]+)(:([0-9]{2,5}))?(\/([\w#!:.?+=&%@!\-\/]+))?/; … mp;f=false