Topic: To bluehost or not?

I'm working with a guy from oDesk on a reservations package/website. I currently host with bluehost and love it.

Here is what he said:

"BlueHost is not good solution for Rails project, it can be good for developing as test but not more than this. is around 15$ per month but run small rails projects smooth.

Then you need to have some kind of repository (git is the best) - micro plan cost 7$/month (, but i can spare one of mine slots"

A -is he correct about Bluehost and Rails?
B -What is a repository and can Bluehost not provide it?


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Re: To bluehost or not?

I would agree 150% about what he said on bluehost. I would never recommend a shared host provider (assuming that's the plan you have) to host a rails app.

First, you don't have control over what version of rails and ruby is on their servers (this should be enough to steer you away already).

Secondly, although you can "control" gem usage and management, it's limited. Rails needs a lot more special care than html/css/javascript and php scritps. You need to be in control of your server and have total management over your configuration - shared hosting providers are anything but this.

Also, linode is going to be way faster. Shared hosting providers cram so many people on one server it's a mess. Ram and CPU  become scarce and abused. Rails on a shared hosting plan == a nightmare.

Linode is actually 19 a month for bottom plan. I just bought that plan over a month ago, and don't know how I could live without it. It took a half hour to purchase the linode plan, install my distro (ubuntu 10.10 maverick), boot my distro and set up my environment (git, rvm, rails 3.3 and corresponding gems, ruby 1.9.2) (with the right tutorial smile ). I didn't know it was possible to do this that quickly, I was thrilled.

I have total control over everything, it's easy to use, it's fast and linode is great. Plus I hear they constantly upgrade people for free if they are loyal customers.

If you do choose linode, please use my referral code:


Do not waste your time trying to get a shared hosting provider to work, in the end, you'll realize you wasted a lot of time and stress.

As for a repository, git is a version control system and it is something highly recommended in the development community. Git is free, what he meant is Github is $7 for bottom plan, although that's not true. Github is free for public repositories, in order to have private repositories it's $7 on. But you probably don't need a github account quite yet anyways. But I do recommend using git locally to version your projects.

On linode you would install git yourself (really easy). I'm sure bluehost has some sort of version control software, but it's probably not git.

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Re: To bluehost or not?

I second Linode ... AWESOME. I have been an happy customer for over a year.

I was nervous about moving to my own

Re: To bluehost or not?

I second Linode ... AWESOME. I have been an happy customer for over a year.

I was nervous about moving to my own "self-managed" environment but it really was not that bad!

Previously I was on a Hostgator shared plan which worked well for what it was but I wouldn't spend much time doing anything with Rails in an environment like that. The other problem with "shared" environments is to service the majority they will shut down your processes when they aren't being used to lighten the load on the server. When your site is hit they spin "right up" but in my experience the "spinning" may take 5 - 40 seconds ... so long that it may lead users to think something is wrong with your site.

I also have had good luck with Project Locker. Their free account is plenty big to get started ... I am currently hosting 7 Rails projects and I've only used 35% of my space allocated.

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