Topic: Update to latest devise

I am currently building a Rails 3 app and am using devise for authentication.  Rails 3.0.0 and devise 1.1.5

I have been having some issues with the app getting caught in a redirect loop when logging in.  After banging my head for awhile I finally checked out the devise page on github and found that several fixes were recently added for redirect issues.  I am *hoping* these will resolve my issues as well.  The fixes are new enough that they are not part of a tag yet.

I have tried several things in my bundle to get the latest (edge?) version of devise to install.

gem 'devise', '1.1.5'

Attempt #1
Bundle file:

gem 'devise'


bundle install

Result: Installed devise 1.1.5

Attempt #2
Bailed on the bundle, downloaded the latest tarball (master?) and attempted to install.

gem build devise.gemspec 
sudo gem install devise-1.2.rc.gem 

Result: All the files were in the tarball but all I got was an empty devise-1.2.rc folder

Attempt #3
Back to the bundle

gem 'devise', :git => 'git://', :ref => '0615c0a'

note: ref is the 'tree' number on github of the committed fixes.


bundle install

Result: Output was Using devise (1.2.rc)  however again all I got was an empty devise-1.2.rc folder.

This is all still quite new to me and I may be missing something trivial here.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

Re: Update to latest devise

gem install devise --pre