Topic: project HELP pls

Hi Guys

Im new to all this programming, doing a college course on it at the moment and have to do a project now, which i would greatly appreciate some advice in.

its basically an e-commerce site, where user can view a product and purchase. I would like the following functionality..where the user could have option to upload image to be placed on product or also a text box where they can add their personal message. They also need to be able to preview their choice and changes they made to product.

Also im not sure how i could implement payment function...was tinking of implementing paypal software but dunno is this possible in rails or if theres a better way of doing this?

another option i wanted to implement was to somehow link my application to facebook, where birthday reminders on the users facebk account appear in the application as reminders for the user.

Basically i have to submit a document now to the college where i have decided and know what technologies im going to use but im unsure what to use....can the above features all be implemented with rails. ive been using the ide netbeans with ruby on rails. oh and id be using sql as a database to store product details and user details etc.

any advice greatly appreciated thanks

Re: project HELP pls

1) storing uploaded images, you can use paperclip, it's been around for a while, or you can check out carrierwave - … le-uploads
2) personal messages would be a basic form text_field ... use scaffold generators to get you started
3) paypal functionality, you can use paypal express with activemerchant gem/plugin - … s-checkout
4) link to facebook - you can have the users login with their facebook accounts to your site - … ok-account
5) facebook birthdays, you'd have to look through the facebook docs to find out what level of access the user would need to allow you to have