Topic: Unicorn server works for 2 minutes, then crashes?


I'm trying to run my rails 3 application with webrick or unicorn. I have ssh access so I can start the server that way, instead of doing it with cPanel (which uses Mongrel).

When I type 'rails s -p 12003 -d' for webrick or 'unicorn_rails -p 12003 -D' for unicorn, I can access my rails app at domainname/rails_app_name. I get the rails standard index page.
This only works for about 2 minutes. After that, the server is offline.

I have a deployment server here, in my local network. And when doing the exact same command 'rails s -D' (so on the default port) the site just keeps running for hours. Works like a charm.

So what could be the problem? Is the application server crashing on my webhost? When I open the log files it's just blank.


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