Topic: Are apps developed on local machine compatible with host?

And by that subject line, I mean I have a question about it, not that I've tried it yet because I'm still trying to get RoR started. Right now I'm installing Ubuntu inside VMWare on a 3 yr old laptop with Windows Vista. I've got MySQL, Ruby 1.9.2, and Aptana RadRails installed. (I'm not sure if Aptana is supposed to be used inside Ubuntu).

Since I'm going through all these machinations just to get the damn thing installed to the point where I can try out a tutorial, I was wondering if any app I develop in Ubuntu (or if I give up on that, the RoR for Windows that comes with RubyInstaller) will explode once I try my apps out on my web page.

My host is Bluehost, if that makes any difference. They support MySQL and RoR, but not SQL lite as far as I know. RubyInstaller uses SQLlite, which is why I didn't start with that. Are there usually huge problems when moving apps developed on local machines to web servers?

Re: Are apps developed on local machine compatible with host?

RadRails works on Ubuntu fine but I much prefer netbeans

Ubuntu inside windows vista? Much better the other way round using VirtualBox on Ubuntu lol smile

Second thoughts don't bother, stick to one OS or the other for development. Either will do just fine for Rails with RadRails or Netbeans

Rails apps are totally OS independant. It's an interpreted language (yeuuch! Still don't know why there is no compiler. Gonna have to think about writing one!) so the server is responsible for all Rails/Ruby code.

Develop on any system you want and deploy to a *nix server (why anybody would want to run a windows web server is still beyond me) smile

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