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Hi Guys

I'm building a web app using RoR 3 and SQLite 3. I have done my database migrations.

My question is > How can I now query the database directly ? I know on mysql you can type something like:

mysql -u user -p database_name

But what does one do for SQLite 3 ?

I would greatly appreciate any help.

Thank You.

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Re: Working with SQLite 3

you can use Rails console, I think it's much easier to :

rails c
#use Activerecord ORM here to operate your models, etc.

Or if you really prefer to use pure SQL queries (I really don't see why sad) you can read more details here:

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Re: Working with SQLite 3


Here is an ORM that works with Sqlite … layer.aspx

Re: Working with SQLite 3

That's another question I have - i know sqlite3 is limited - is the limitation (i believe) that you can't have multiple separate databases on sqllite or is their a record limitation?  (I'm going to be running databases, multiple ones, that have 100s of thousands of rows added on a yearly basis)