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first off I'm completely new to Ruby on Rails, outside of buying and reading the first couple chapters of a book. I'm still a bit confused onto how customizable Ruby on Rails is.

Pretty much what I'm looking to do is design a website similar to or where I can add books, post images of both the cover and contents, add in a Zoomify tool and obviously list the book details and description. I also need to apply a layout template to it as well add in some drop down menus for navigation. Is RoR capable of doing this? or is it just too many customized options and would it simply be easier to hand code in the options in PHP?



Re: Designing a site similar to

Rails can definitely handle that kind of app. If you can pick up Agile Web Development with Rails by Dave Thomas from The Pragmatic Programmers, the example application is a simple online book store. From there you can add and customize as you need. Hope that helps!