Topic: How to create a register page.


Iam new to ruby. Iam in the start up process. I need a create a simple registration page which gets the details from the user. I need to validate the deatils given by the user. I need to send a mail if the registration process is successfull. thats it. But iam struggling to do this. I need your help. It would be very grateful if you can explain me the process involved step by step.

I need to have a common header and footer images on all the pages. If there is a sample code to look at and which does the same operation as I wanted will help me a lot.

Thanks for all your help and support.


Re: How to create a register page.

I suggest getting hold of a copy of Agile Development with Rails (2nd edition). This book covers everything your asking for and has plenty of examples and information.

Re: How to create a register page.

So basically you need help on making an entire rails site from head to toe? smile

Yeah, sounds like some books are in order. I second shadow's recommendation.