Topic: Ruby on Rails Coder 'Partner' opportunity


We are in the process of growing a web based business in an extremely large yet under exploited sector and I would like to extend an opportunity to become a part of our team. There would be no wage initially, as we are offering equity in the company. (I had to enter a wage amount in the above field).

Our service instantly shows musicians exactly where the latest top music industry opportunities can be found and also provides a unique 'submission management system' that makes submitting music to opportunities fast, targeted and fool proof.

The website launched in December 2010 after a year in development and is called Audio Rokit:

This sector is growing massively both in terms of musician needs and the changing habits of the music industry. Many music companies will now use on-line submission tools to manage demo submissions.

The process of submitting and receiving songs is still a clumsy process for the majority of people and Audio Rokit aims to revolutionise this sector.

We have studied and monitored our direct competition over the last year and are excited by two findings in particular:

1. There are only 4 real competitors who have on average about 100,000 paying members each. This generates an average of  £7.2M/year for each website.

2. The competitors are not particular sophisticated and fail to meet basic needs for musicians and almost completely ignore the industry side. We surveyed 8,000 musicians to get a clear picture of what is missing and the answers did not surprise us.

It is clear that there is room for a new player in this young and growing sector. Audio Rokit is made up of two fiercely driven individuals;

Darren Monson – Founder/Ex professional musician
Dave Spinolli -  Experienced gig promoter

I founded the company after 10 years experience in the music industry, where I earned a great deal of success as a musician.

Until now we have remained small and achieved the first stage of our expansion with personal savings. We are now looking for a potential investor/partner to work with us as we grow the business.

We have launched and grown the business (in just over 4 short months) to over 1,000 members with approx 100 moving to one of our subscription packages. This impressive 10% conversion rate will only get better as we continue to test and monitor customer feedback and drive the business forward.

We are searching for a Ruby-on-Rails coder who can commit time and energy to this business, preferably with an understanding of the music industry.

If you are interested or have any questions, please email