Topic: Rich text editor to integrate into rails app.

Hi everyone,

I'm having troubles to integrate into my app a rich text editor. I need one which has support for image upload and links.

I would like to learn how to handle with this image as well, like how I'm going to save that image from the post body into the server?

Any advices or tutorials?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Rich text editor to integrate into rails app.

I hope you have been able to get a solution for your problem because text editors can be a nightmare. This ofcourse depends on how complex a setup you want.

Long story short: I would suggest (and I am sure alot of people out there too) Tinymce:
There are pretty detailed tuts all over the web and on their website for a basic set up( Now with image upload check out Pascals website: … r-tinymce/
Alternatively I once breadcrumbed my app, on the first step i had the tinymce wysiwyg and step two i used paperclip + rmagick. I found that way easier that doing it all through tinymce.

This attachment has attachment_fu and rmagick. :