Topic: dealing with complex scripts

According to the rails documentation scripts go in app/scripts.

I'm coming to rails from a web app that had something similar, a tools directory.

There are lots of tools. Much of the activity has nothing to do with displaying information on a web page. Many of the tools have little tools (helpers). These tools are run by administrators and cron(8), and even as a result of user activity on a web page. So the app/scripts (aka tools) directory becomes a nightmare load of files. It becomes hard to figure out what's tool and what's a helper.

It would make a lot more sense to have separate directories for each tool with the associated helpers. So, the question becomes, what's the right way, what's the rails way of dealing with this sort of problem?

I'd also like to have testing for each tool and helper, so testing also ought to understand the solution.

I'd also like to avoid snarls with paths to find the tools & helpers.