Topic: RoR versus .NET\WCF


I would like to setup a web service to send data from an android app to a web server and then retrieve that data from other Android devices from within the same app.

I hear that RoR has many advantages, however the team I work with mostly has the .NET skillset and we may have to use WCF as a result. I would like to know some of your opinions on the advantages\disadvantages between RoR and WCF, in order to decide whether RoR would be beneficial enough to warrant having us learn this new framework.


Re: RoR versus .NET\WCF … -with-ruby

It can be done.

RoR is a more productive environment than anything in the .NET world.  But that has to be offset by the learning curve.  RoR would be very beneficial in that you'd be more productive.  It depends on the size of the project,  does the future productivity benefit outweigh the learning curve of RoR???? 

The larger and more involved the project is,  the closer the answer becomes yes.  If it's a small project,  ????

#1 benefit of RoR is programmer productivity IMHO

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