Topic: Ajax count down timer

I'm developing a penny auction website.

The most challenging part is the count-down timer implementation.

Some requirements:
1) Every live auction has its own (independent) timer.
2) Time reference must be server time.
3) Timer needs to be updated on client side every second.
4) The timer needs to count down from 30 seconds (or 20s or 15sec, depending on product value) to zero.
5) If a bid comes in (bid button pressed), then the timer must be reseted (30 seconds) and the process starts again.
6) This will loop until timer reaches zero (no more bids placed).

Best way to program this?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Ajax count down timer

This is the best countdown timer tutorial I have seen. … avascript/

Good Luck!

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Re: Ajax count down timer


Now I'm in the right direction.

Thanks Starflyer59.
Best regards.