Topic: Newsfeed from database question?

I have a database that I would like to poll and post data from similar to a newsfeed. I have already generated the queries, mysql is the db, to provide the data that I require. What I am not certain about is how to use rails to access the DB and provide updates, based upon 3 minute intervals.

I have worked with tutorials and created the opposite effect, where a user enters a feed and it is posted, along with stored in a database. Being fairly new I am not certain how make the app talk to the db on regular intervals and post it to the site.

To sum it up it would be like this: Web app polls DB --> Web App looks for specific criteria(like customer name and code) -->Data posted in news feed on web site. -->old news scrolls down the page

I am looking for a starting place. I have begin to read this forum, the rails site, and others. But more specific places would be greatly appreciated.

I am using rails 3 on ubuntu.