Topic: Multiple Models has_many of the Same Model

I want a model (File) that will allow multiple other models (Order, Task, Message, etc ...) to each have many Files. Is this possible?

If so:
A) What concepts are involved so I can research them and see if I can't get there myself.
B) What is the answer and I can reverse engineer it myself.

I am not necessarily looking for someone to say: "Here is the code, have a nice day!" If that happens fine, however, I am just as happy to have someone point me in the right direction (concepts, key words, etc) so that I might arrive at the answer myself. Almost like learning. big_smile

In my mind the models look a bit like this:

class File < ActiveRecord::Base
  # carrier_wave stuff

class HasManyFiles < ActiveRecord::Base
  self.abstract_class = true
  has_many :files

class Order < HasManyFiles

class Task < HasManyFiles

class Message < HasManyFiles

I want to be able to use it like this:

  all_files = File.all
  all_order_files = Order.find(1).files

What columns the tables need to have to achieve this...I do not know!

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Re: Multiple Models has_many of the Same Model

Yes, you want polymorphic associations (but choose a diffrent name for the file model, it's a reserved word)
There is a good railscast on this … ssociation

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