Topic: using collection_select to make a custom profile page

I'm pretty new to Rails (and programming in general) - I have managed to create a simple app using a bunch of tutorials - and now I'm playing around and learning a bunch of stuff as I try things out.

I've got a blog, with multiple authors - and in the edit view, I have a pull down menu using collection select where I want to be able to create custom pages for select authors - Sort of a bio page with a photo, and text and stuff, and a listing of all the posts they have created.  But I don't want to interfere with the regular view page for the tags.  Posts are tagged with the author

Here's my code:

<%= collection_select(:tag, :tag_id, Tag.all, :id, :name, :prompt => true) %>

How do I get the view.html.erb to show a specific tag in a different model?