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I'm working on a startup and we're currently determining the best path to go down: Django or Ruby on Rails. I've already asked the Django camp what they think, so I thought I'd turn around and ask what the Rails community thinks, too smile.

Also, we're looking into possible software packages to use with Rails, but we're interested in creating a highly customized, scalable website and we're worried that as we customize things more deeply, things will become more hassle than they're worth.

So what do you think? Do you have a compelling reason why we should pick RoR over Django? If we do decide RoR, do you think we should use certain software packages or start from scratch?

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I have no experience of Django so I am unable to offer you a comparison other than to say that Rails is built on Ruby which is an awesome language whereas Django is built on Python which is not the best language on the planet.

Both frameworks are well tried and tested and used for some serious websites so I really don't think scaleability and complexity are an issue as both certainly should be able to handle your requirements (Rails definitely does but it's an assumption of mine that Django can)

You need to look at the skill sets of the developers involved with the project to best decide which is the best platform to use as getting your head round a new framework is never the best approach for a new mission critical app and will give you lots of pain.

Conclusion ...
   You SHOULD go with whatever experience your developers have rather than the opinions of others in a forum is my best advice.

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You can google "rails open source social networking" and get a bunch of hits...

Also, you can take a look at the site (which instructs on how to create a Twitter clone application.)

I'm new to programming and really like Rails.  The curve is a little steep at the beginning but it flattens out really quickly.

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Ditto on what Jamesw said.

At this point I wouldn`t worry about scale etc.
Just start building it & getting traction with users.

Plus if you decide to go with Rails, I think this book might help alot. … 0321480791